On the List

Diabetes things on my list to tackle over the next few months:
1. Contact the Dexcom rep to start process to get the bear* onto the G4
2. Figure out a way to convince the bear to wear, or at least try, the G4
3. Find reliable after school care for the fall
4. Download PDM & G4 (mine) to actually review settings to try to tackle all of these strange lows
5. Find someplace to store all the not-in-current-use supplies
6. Get the new pods/PDM (not in my control at all, but I can’t wait!)
7. Review the bear’s current school schedule in relation to her daytime bg numbers — try to fathom where we might run into issues with the new Kindergarten schedule this fall
8. Get back to yoga

Lists like this seem to be forming and unraveling in my brain all the time. Behind it is also the question – when to leave well enough alone? Public Kindergarten is going to be a big change from a diabetes perspective and there’s only so much I can do to prepare. I’ve been comforting myself with the knowledge that the school nurse seems wonderful, and she has experience with the medtronic pump (and injections) and glucagon — but, I never thought about her experience still all being with older children since most are diagnosed in upper elementary or even middle school (though that seems to be changing given the research). So, she hasn’t had to figure out how to count carbs with a kid who can’t reliably report how much she ate and didn’t eat for lunch or managing hypos when the child hasn’t yet learned what that feels like or how to articulate it when it happens. It’s preschool all over again – we will be breaking trail in many ways. The positive of that is being able to introduce it all in “our” way rather than trying to get someone to change old habits; the negative is how much hard work it is to explain it all. At least I know that meter & pump operation are well understood. I think the G4 would be very helpful to the nurse & teachers to get more information about which way the bg is trending but after the G4 trial that the bear participated in (more on that another time) she is dead set against wearing one.

And, from the above info you can probably tell where my diabetes care usually falls… at least second if not maybe fourth or fifth. I can chew glucose tablets when those lows crop up, but the bear can’t yet do any of her diabetes care or advocacy for herself — what else is a mom to do?

*bear=our 5-year-old daughter, dxd with T1 about 1 month after her 3rd birthday

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