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Sandwich, anyone?

I am part of the sandwich generation: caring for my 5-year-old daughter while my hubby & I also do increasingly more for our parents who are all in their 80s now. I have come to really dislike the term “sandwich … Continue reading

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Diabetes Books on the To-Read Shelf

I’m a reader. I’m also a librarian. When I want to know more about something, I read about it. When I want to feel less anxious about something, I read about it. When I’m looking for a solution, I read. … Continue reading

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Close Call (d*mn carbohydrates)

I’m sure many parents have gone through this — you have 1 or 2 fabulous babysitters, they “get” the diabetes, pay attention, text or call with questions — then they get to a point in their lives when they are … Continue reading

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You’re new here, aren’t you

Yesterday at a regular check-up with the bear’s CDE we met another family in the waiting room. It was so clear to me at first glance that their daughter was newly diagnosed: she was skinny, dark circles under her eyes, … Continue reading

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Alone! Eating Dinner!

Hi out there: A few different topics to throw out there. I’ll number them in case you want to skip ahead… 1. Vacation 2. Exercise & Eating (aka – how to lose weight when you have to take in calories … Continue reading

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