Diabetes Books on the To-Read Shelf

I’m a reader. I’m also a librarian. When I want to know more about something, I read about it. When I want to feel less anxious about something, I read about it. When I’m looking for a solution, I read. Since my own diagnosis, I’ve been collecting books of all sorts about diabetes – from personal memoirs to the mechanics of insulin in the body. Since our daughter’s diagnosis, I’ve gotten to expand my obsession to books about kids with diabetes and parenting T1 kids. Just got two new titles that I’m looking forward to digging into:

Until There is a Cure, Gary Scheiner (find it through my local booksellerfind it on Amazon)*
Scheiner’s Think Like a Pancreas has been a staple on my shelves. It’s great for brushing up on stuff I’ve (sometimes conviently) forgotten. It’s also great when something seems to work differently with the bear’s pump than with mine – or just differently from my own experience. I follow a lot of blogs and subscribe to lots of newsletters so I feel that I’m pretty up to date with what’s happening in research and new self-care technologies – but a book like this (by someone like Scheiner) should be a great way to get information in a context that is very meaningful to me.

Shot: Staying Alive with Diabetes, Amy F. Ryan (find on Amazon)*
This one covers the memoir side. I am fascinated by stories of how people deal with chronic conditions (esp. T1) emotionally, socially, physically, psychologically.

Would love to hear about your favorite diabetes-related books! Sometime I’ll mine my goodreads lists for more that I’ve read and more on my to-read list.

*Whenever possible, I order books (if I’m not purchasing in person) from my local bookseller online rather than through Amazon. Your local, independent bookstore also likely offers an online shopping option and/or ebooks through them rather than through the “big guys.” Our local bookstore does wonderful things for our community that Amazon will never do. They can only do those things because we keep buying from them. I’m not saying you have to give up your Amazon addiction (if you have one), but at least give your local folks a chance – they might really surprise you.

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1 Response to Diabetes Books on the To-Read Shelf

  1. Katy says:

    I’m going to read that Amy Ryan book—thanks for the tip.

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