Thinking about food this morning. Partially because I think about food a lot anyway, partially because the #dsma twitter chat* started with the topic of body image & relationship to food, and partially because I am more likely to exercise on the weekends.

Exercise and food are tough for me. In the past, I have just done whatever I needed to to get bg into a good range so I could exercise. But, over the past few months I have been trying to lose weight so I’m watching portions and calories — it’s very easy to eat more calories than you burn when balancing blood sugar with exercise (at least for me it is). So, I have been trying to time exercise better with meals and adjusting my mealtime insulin rather than using “extra” calories at other times. Of course, this morning the BHE asked me if I wanted to plan ahead to walk after breakfast right after my pod beeped to say that my bolus was finished. I could wait until lunch but this is a better time of day for me. So, I gave in and treated myself with toast & honey with no bolus and suspended basal. Now I’m waiting for the 69 on my dex to start to rise so I can get out there and pound the pavement. This “snack” is about 175 calories and if I’m able to do my whole walk that will burn about 325 calories — so I’ll still be “ahead” in the calorie department and hopefully will be able to maintain somewhat stable bgs.


Toast with honey – yum!

I find that food and exercise is a very complex cost/benefit calculation for me. Even if I don’t get any calorie/weight-loss benefit from it, the cardio/health benefits still exist. But, if I “can” get some weight-loss benefit, that’s better. And, even if I have to eat to maintain bgs, the health benefits are there for the longer term… But, if I am always taking in lots of extra calories just to be able to exercise then some of the other benefits are eroded by the weight gain. Obviously, still a work in progress.

farmersmarketFortunately, this is a great time of year to eat healthy and delicious fresh fruits and vegetables and we have a wonderful farmer’s market on Saturday mornings. We’ve missed it a lot this summer since I’ve been working more Saturdays than usual, but the BHE got us there this morning and I’m excited about the next few days of eating our haul (see pic above!). I’m a non-carnivore (I’m giving up the term “vegetarian” since I eat eggs, dairy, and occasionally fish when the choices are sparse), and I LOVE veggies. It breaks my food-heart that the bear (and her papa) is not a fan and will not eat almost any veggies at all (and not very many types of fruit either). All I can do is hope that some day after watching me eat all this stuff by choice she will start trying (and liking) more things. I’ve tried the advice of letting her choose the food and help to prepare it – which she’s happy to do, and then still not try it in the end :). And, I try to be happy (without going overboard visibly so as not to engage her natural contrariness) when she does eat one small piece of broccoli or a bite of a carrot. So much of our adult habits are formed in these years and I worry that if she doesn’t learn to eat some veggies now, she never will.

Where ever you are, I hope you are enjoying delicious foods and getting active outside this summer! And, if you have any great food or exercise tips – let me know!!

*BTW that was my first #dsma chat and I was totally overwhelmed & didn’t manage to figure out how to participate (tried, but never saw any of my posts come up) and then I was going to try a different browser but then I lost the URL for the twitter chat šŸ™‚ It’s a truly awesome phenomenon though and I’ll definitely try it again.

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1 Response to Food!

  1. Jessi Panke says:

    Maybe this will encourage you. I hated, absolutely hated veggies as a kid. I didn’t start liking them until my mid twenties. Now I eat veggies that my mom won’t touch. Your bear may not like them now, but that can change. Just keep being positive about the veggies you eat and she may catch onto that.

    Twitter chats confuse me as well. I can’t seem to get the hang of them but they do seem great.

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