How did we do diabetes before texting?

On Saturday afternoon, we left the bear with the family who will be taking care of her after school this fall. We had tickets to hear Neil Gaiman (squeee!) and since we are living in babysitter hell at the moment, I asked Miss C if she could do it. She was kind enough to give up a Saturday afternoon, so even though we were a little nervous about being an hour away for the first time, we did it.

It was awesome. The bear had a fabulous time — in fact, she was having a great time before we left and she basically pushed us out the door. Miss C asked great questions ahead of time and then throughout the afternoon sent text messages either to confirm what she was doing (she finished her pudding so I give her insulin, right?) or to ask questions (is it too soon to test again?). The BHE fielded all of the texts during Gaiman’s talk so I could pay attention.

The bear’s blood sugar numbers were PERFECT* all afternoon — way more perfect than they ever are on a Saturday afternoon with us ๐Ÿ™‚ We got to feel very secure since we knew what was happening AND that Miss C wouldn’t guess about anything. Miss C got to see what a “normal” few hours might look like (better to find out now if she doesn’t want to deal with the diabetes stuff). The bear got to swim, go to the library, and get a preview of where she’ll be spending school afternoons. We got to hear Neil Gaiman reading a new story from a book he’s working on… All pretty great.

I love that Scott from Arden’s Day texts with his daughter during school so they can figure things out together. This experience was like that — allowed us to participate remotely.ย 

Peace of mind? Priceless.

*When I say “perfect,” I mean 71, 139, 108, 103 — really, diabetes? Way to impress the babysitter ๐Ÿ™‚

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