Oh the thinks you could think (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)

Recently Glu’s question of the day was something like, “if there was suddenly a CURE – what would you do first.” I would definitely get all the pump paraphenalia off of the bear and let her eat whenever she wants. Then, for myself, I would take a walk with nothing but water — no meter, no glucose tabs, no cgm, no juice, and NO thinking about diabetes.

Just got back from a walk now and I really wonder what my brain would do with the extra space that would come from not checking the cgm, adjusting basals, correcting (either with insulin or sugar), wondering if my legs feel a little heavier because I’m tired or because I’m high…

Here’s how today went: We did our usual breakfast routine and I had half a bagel (the bear eats the other half, which makes the carbs not so ridiculous for either of us) with cream cheese & iced tea. Knowing I was going to walk and that my bg was in the mid-80s, I didn’t bolus at all. I really wanted to bolus for 5 or 10 g since I know what will happen in exercise with no IOB at all, but I’ve also been dropping so much on these walks that I didn’t want to take the drop from 80 before I even started. Before I left the house I was up to about 94 so I covered for 5g and lowered my basal to -85% for 1 hour. When my legs did start feeling “heavy” and less coordinated, I checked the dexcom and I was about 130 with a diagonal up arrow. I made a deal with myself not to overreact (which I do to highs – and while I know 130 isn’t high I already start to get nervous around 140) and not to do anything until/unless I got to 180. The next time I checked the dex I was 153 with a straight-up arrow. Aack! So much for the deal. I cancelled the decreased basal and put on a 50% increase for 30 minutes. But, didn’t bolus or correct. Next check was 183 with a stable arrow – phew. Decided to let that ride. And it was somewhere around here, also thinking about where my bg might be an hour after walking and the almost-certain crash tomorrow afternoon, that I started wondering what on earth else I might be able to think about.

But I can’t think about that now since dex claims I’m 147 & dropping (though it was 150 something before I took the picture) I need to do something to try to stop the slide without overdoing it.


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1 Response to Oh the thinks you could think (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)

  1. Katy says:

    I loved this post! Reading about how you do the little tweaks to basals and covering/not covering carbs is so, so helpful.

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