2:21 a.m., Eastern Time

I’m up (for about the millionth night in a row) with a bg of 49-ish (see strip safely). Drank my juice and now I’m waiting to come up some so that the dex will stop alarming. Read a chapter of The Golem and the Jinni (the BHE tried it but couldn’t get through it – said it was kind of like Kavalier and Clay, which he also didn’t like but I loved), checked e-mail (one poetry rejection, not surprising and still happy about the two acceptances this summer), and thinking about blood sugars & pump settings.

I already lowered my basals throughout the day/night. For unknown reasons, I have been running low for almost 2 weeks and using a -50% or a -85% temp basal a lot of the time. Tonight, I’m wondering if my age-old method for pod changes of running a +95% basal for 3 hours needs to be changed to 2 hours. Based on the dex, it looks like the drop started around that 2 hour mark. At the same time, I have lots of notes from the Bear’s school days. The first week of Kindergarten her numbers were perfect — really: perfect. Second week? High, high, high. But no two days are quite alike enough to make me feel confident of any patterns. So, now I have pages of notes to watch this or that time of day, to try some different snacks, to consider basal changes here or there.

Also thinking (though trying not to think) about my mom’s message last night that she won’t go back to the day program that we just started two days per week. The “deal” was that “we” would try it for a month and that she would get her outpatient PT for her knee there as well. I already shortened the days (was going to do 8:30-3:30 and changed that to 8:30 – 1:30) and arranged for transportation that seemed easier and less rigid. I don’t want to tell my mom she “has” to do something – she isn’t my child, she’s my mother – and I really can’t tell her she has to anyway. But, having seen such improvement in her cognition after her time in rehab, when she was with people during the day and not alone for long stretches, convinced all the sisters that she needs something (just as her doctor recommended earlier in the year). So, now what? Let her slip back into more confusion like she was experiencing before the surgery? Set up outpatient PT somewhere else and add 2-3 days of driving to get her there (and, when??)? I know I just need to talk with her, figure out what she is thinking, and make the best decision possible with her, but it all just makes me tired.

Or maybe that is from being up and blogging at 2:35 a.m.
92 and rising

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