A First Time for Everything

Last time I checked in I was a bit in shock over the bear asking to enter info into her pump on her own for the first time. Today – another first. The BHE was able to rearrange his schedule to take the bear to her CDE and Endo appointments today. It’s about an hour away and twice a year she sees both in back to back appointments so it ends up being about a 4 hour adventure. Fun! But, also really important to keeping up with potential changes to basal or bolus that I haven’t caught in our own monitoring at home and an opportunity to talk things through with medical experts who I trust. The BHE has come along on previous appointments, but this was the first time he went without me.

Can you say control-anxiety? (is that a thing?) It’s never easy for me to give up any sense of total involvement with the bear’s diabetes care. It’s not that I actually think that I can control it (my own diabetes cured me of that delusion years ago) – I think maybe it is more an uber sense of responsibility. On a practical note, I do most of the morning care and pretty much all of the settings monitoring & changing, so it makes sense for me to go to the CDE and/or Endo appointments. But, it’s not as if the BHE isn’t perfectly capable of discussing all of the same things as I am. And, with our crazy schedules, he does plenty of long days managing the bear’s diabetes. So, why is this such a hard thing to let him do?

Lots of people have told us that it is very common for one parent to be “in charge” of the diabetes care — keeps things a little simpler if one person is mainly making any changes. But, does that person become more territorial about doing it? Or, does my experience with my own diabetes make me feel more owership over the bear’s diabetes care?

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2 Responses to A First Time for Everything

  1. I should note that the “today” in this post isn’t the same as the date I actually got it posted to the blog 🙂

  2. Marija says:

    I think it’s great that BHE went to the appointment. Not to sound dire, but if something ever happened to you, he’d NEED to be in charge. It’s good that both of you are taking equal responsibility. Insurance for The Bear’s care. 🙂

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