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BLACK Friday (diabetes-style)

The retailers and I are out of sync. My mood is black and my can-do attitude, optimism, and gratitude are all in the red. I’m tired of being grateful — at least for things like modern meters, fast-acting insulin, CGM … Continue reading

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New Endo – Better than Expected

People who don’t have a chronic illness might not be able to understand how important some doctor-patient relationships can be — or how much of a role it can play in emotional well-being as well as physical health. Recently during … Continue reading

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We Need a Cure: Reason #11

OK, I don’t really have a numbered list so #11 is totally made up. But, I have sleep-deprived brain, so it makes sense to me. Reason #11 is Sleep. Studies show that humans need sleep — mostly uninterrupted, multi-stage sleep … Continue reading

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Before and After

Lots of DOC pictures lately — partially because of an awesome photo blog project that Kerri (Six Until Me) & others are doing in honor of Diabetes Awareness Month. I’m not good at pictures, especially on the fly, so I’ll … Continue reading

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Diabetes (Un)Awareness Month

I keep thinking of posts but then never actually writing them. Some topics in the wings: the Fast Diet (5:2), what happens to the T1 parent’s bg numbers when they don’t get enough sleep because they are up all night … Continue reading

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