Diabetes (Un)Awareness Month

I keep thinking of posts but then never actually writing them. Some topics in the wings: the Fast Diet (5:2), what happens to the T1 parent’s bg numbers when they don’t get enough sleep because they are up all night trying to fix the basals on the T1 kid, DSMA Blog Carnival entries, Losing another endo, Endless settings changes on a growing 5 year old for whom no two days are the same.

But, I’ll get back into the routine with a topic that is everywhere in the DOC right now — Diabetes Awareness Month. That’s November, and Nov. 14 is World Diabetes Day. So, all-the-blogs (and tweets) are about blue circles, blue fridays, and the advocacy and education that is so badly needed as we try to live well with diabetes, help others who need support, and work towards better technology and eventually a cure.

I definitely wish that more people could know more useful things about T1 — especially on behalf of the bear who can’t advocate for herself yet. I’m not holding my breath for a cure (I would be very blue by now, but not in a good diabetes-awareness way), but I’m very interested in the work that is going on and in the more near-term the technologies being developed that could make our lives less disrupted by diabetes care and management (please pick me for an artificial pancreas trial!). I will definitely try to get a few more blog posts written as one small voice that might help others know more about what it is like to live with T1 and parent a T1 child.

But… (and there just had to be a but) what I wish for myself is a Diabetes Unawareness Month. In fact, I would settle for an Unawareness Week or Day. I feel too aware of Diabetes most days — much too aware of pump settings, boluses, cgm readings, treatments for lows, symptoms of hyperglycemia. Imagine a Diabetes Unawareness Month for diabetics. Everyone else could go to Diabetes Bootcamp (one of the best posts ever! thanks to Running on Carbs for the post and Below Seven for the reference) while we diabetics (or pwd if you prefer) did things like eat dinner when it was ready (no testing, pre-bolusing, counting carbs), go for a walk or to the gym with nothing but a water bottle (no glucose, no meter/cgm), sleep through the night. That could be an awesome month.

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2 Responses to Diabetes (Un)Awareness Month

  1. Jessi says:

    A diabetes unawarness month would so rock! I’m sure more so for parents like you who have not only their child to take care of but themselves and their t1. Side note, I’m really glad I found your blog some months back. Reading about how you deal with your t1d and daughters, I think you’re a rock star. I know you have no choice in the mater, but I think you really are.

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