Before and After

Lots of DOC pictures lately — partially because of an awesome photo blog project that Kerri (Six Until Me) & others are doing in honor of Diabetes Awareness Month. I’m not good at pictures, especially on the fly, so I’ll just be following all those who are posting this month. But, one of today’s projects was to finally sort pictures and start putting them into albums. I say “start” because I have had envelopes of pictures from about June 2010 through April 2013 sitting on our sideboard since I ordered them a few months ago. I realized that I had completely dropped the ball on getting prints of our digital photos as we went along. The Bear (and, ok, me too) loves looking through the albums and as easy as digital photo storage is, I never look through photos online or on my laptop. So… I had finally ordered all the photos, bought a few photo albums from Target, but when I tried to work on it over the summer I realized that almost all the photos were sent in random order and I had to cross-check them with the online storage to get them into order. Enter procrastination, and here I am months later finally getting to it.

At first, when I realized that a bunch of the photos would be from right before and right after the Bear’s diabetes diagnosis I nearly abandoned the project again. I wasn’t sure I wanted to see that change so visually. I was pleasantly surprised though.
About 1 month before diagnosis at her 3rd birthday party


About 5 days after diagnosis



Smiling in both pictures. We can do this.

(So can you. Just ask Kim Vlasnik – founder of the You Can Do This Project which you should go check out right now.)

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