I never did, I never did,
I never did like “Now take care, dear!”
I never did, I never did,
I never did want “Hold-my-hand”;
I never did, I never did,
I never did think much of “Not up there, dear!”
It’s no good saying it.
They don’t understand.
–A. A. Milne, from When We Were Very Young
Today is the day. The Bear’s first playdate at a friend’s house without us there. (there was a time over the summer when she ate dinner at a neighbor’s house, but we were across the street & at their house for a while & she really didn’t go longer than about 15-20 minutes without us around) The mom of her friend is super nice and I have no qualms about her capability, but she hasn’t dealt with T1 before. The playdate won’t be all that long – probably around 90 minutes – 2 hours since experience says that’s about how long two 6-year olds can play without starting to fight over stuff. The Bear can do her own bg tests and she can do a bolus as long as an adult tells her how many grams of carbs. Lunch is over so they may not even eat anything – if they do, it should be a simple snack. Sounds pretty easy, right?
I’m still nervous. And there are these debates going on in my head between anxiety-mom and rational-mom:
Isn’t it a pain for me to ask the other mom to call or text if the girls eat anything? Would you think that was a pain? Of course not. Is this (carbs, meter, pump) too much to ask of her? There isn’t much she needs to do, and it’s for 2 hours — you do it 24/7/365. Wouldn’t you feel comfortable keeping track of a snack & calling if you had a question? What if something unexpected happens? Any parent might have to deal with a crisis or emergency during a playdate. The other mom will call or text or call 911. Will they still like us? Want to have another play date? Now you’re just being stupid. Pack some glucose tablets & a juice box, her meter, and let’s go!
I talked with the Bear about testing her bg, what to do & say if she feels sick or low (not that she really recognizes that yet), what to do if they have a snack. She had all the right answers — she knows more than I sometimes realize. And, she’s proud of what she knows and that she could “teach” someone else (esp. an adult!). So, this is good for her in multiple ways. And, we also talked about using her manners, following their rules, and playing nicely. Diabetes aside, she is just a kid.
I’m also excited… It isn’t a lot of time, but it is time on a Sunday afternoon when it will be just the BHE and me –what??! That’s crazy! Not even sure what we’ll do since we could get phone calls/texts – but even going downtown and getting a cup of coffee would be pretty awesome (yup, life in the fast lane). We can have a toast to the best kind of independence — Cheers!
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