Meeting of the Minds (and substitute pancreases)

Recently, our daughter’s teacher requested a meeting with us, the school nurse, & classroom assistant teacher to go over their “role” in the Bear’s care given the addition of the CGM. I know that I can be hypervigilant (the BHE’s word for himself but it applies to me in this case) about anything involving the school & diabetes. I have read too many horror stories and sometimes I “see” problems before they exist. That word “role” set me off… I immediately jumped to the teacher saying that the CGM was too disruptive, required too much of them, was requiring unreasonable accommodation. I sent the e-mail request off to the BHE and he read it as just a good chance for everyone to get on the same page about a new technology. Sensible 🙂

And, of course, he was right. When we went in for the meeting they had some very good questions and suggestions for ways to incorporate the trending arrows into the decision-making process on their end. They did have a concern about the number of “high” alerts that were happening during the day, not so much that it was disruptive (though it can be) but more that because it happens right after lunch or snack or times when the pump isn’t going to deliver a correction because of insulin-on-board, the frequency of alerts that get no reaction might lead to a tendency to ignore the alerts when really needed. Basically – could we set the threshold for the high alert to a number above where she usually goes in the normal course of a day. We came up with a number we all felt good about and even turned up the volume so that when an alert does happen & need attention, it will get noticed.

We are so lucky to be working with a team of people who really care about the Bear’s health and school experience within the greater context of everyone’s needs. I wish I could more easily accept that and not jump to negative conclusions so quickly. It’s hard to be a substitute pancreas.

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1 Response to Meeting of the Minds (and substitute pancreases)

  1. Kristin says:

    “They did have a concern about the number of “high” alerts that were happening during the day…”

    That entire sentence made me smile because it comes through the teachers really do care about the Bear’s health. What a wonderful feeling. Glad the meeting turned out well for you and not into your first thought could happen. 🙂

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