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Yet Another Endo

Before I had diabetes (I was diagnosed late, at 29) I never gave doctors much thought. I had a primary care for semi-annual physicals, saw my gynecologist once/year, dentist twice/year and that was about it. My relationship with my primary … Continue reading

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Stable bgs get left at home

Routine. Or, more accurately, the lack of it. My diabetes (of course, your diabetes may vary) is calmest when most of what is going on is the same as always. When I get about the same amount of sleep, exercise, … Continue reading

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On the Road with Diabetes (& the D left at home)

Here I go. I’m at the airport gate waiting for a flight to the Public Library Association Conference. Like a lot of people I love the idea of traveling, and I like going someplace new, but I find the preparation … Continue reading

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