It’s time for some diabetes resolutions:
1. Test more – I am trying to test before I bolus or treat a hypo. I’m sure lots of people already do that but I have been relying way too much on my CGM. I am also trying to test more in general – using the “reminder” function on the PDM for pretty much the first time.

2. Don’t correct too soon after eating and/or when the pump says not to – Whenever I see a high number (over 140) I have been correcting (of course with correction factors that I now know were much too aggressive), overriding the pump’s recommendation if necessary. You can guess where that usually ends up.

3. Treat hypos with glucose tablets or juice only – the only way I can really tell how long it is taking me to recover from a low, and to know that I am treating with a consistent number of carbs is to stick with the basics. I’m hoping at some point to see an improvement in how much time it takes for my bg to rise after 4 glucose tablets. I’d love to get back to the “rule of 15” instead of my current “rule of 15 then 45”.

It has been almost 3 days on these resolutions and I have been doing pretty well. Today was the first time I have had to deal with #2 and it was a bit of a struggle, but I managed to stick with it. Tonight I am already starting to feel a bit tired of all the extra testing, but I’m trying to remind myself of how important it is. I’ll do some downloading at the end of the week and see if there are more changes I need to make to settings (like the fact that I have been using a -50% basal still in the mornings). And hopefully after a couple of weeks I’ll see some progress on resetting my hypoglycemic awareness.

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