A Few of My Favorite (#DBlogWeek) Things

I am SO late to the last day of the #DBlogWeek party but still glad to be here.

Things that rocked this week:
T1 Cards
Reminder about Carb Factors
A day of diabetes poetry
Blog comments (thanks Karen & Stacey & James & all!)
So many fabulous pictures of PWDs living their lives despite & with T1
Great twitter conversations! (#DBlogWeek)
So many more things — I wish I had a way to search for comments I made through the week since I can’t remember half of the awesomeness I saw/read this week. (or that I was smart enough to look ahead to see that I should be making better notes for today’s post)

My absolute favorite thing: Diabetes Blog Week itself!! Karen Graffeo of Bitter~Sweet Diabetes has created a powerful community event. Thanks everyone who wrote, read, commented, engaged — looking forward to reading more soon!


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2 Responses to A Few of My Favorite (#DBlogWeek) Things

  1. type1dmom says:

    Thank you so much for the pingback! I am happy that you enjoyed my T1 hack!

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