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The View from 2:30 a.m. – DSMA July Blog Carnival

I’ve been thinking about the topic for the DSMA July Blog Carnival — mostly thinking it is impossible: We usually talk about how we deal with different aspects of diabetes, or things that would help us deal with those aspects.  … Continue reading

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Almost, but Not Quite

*with update I often wear either my pump or CGM in visible places — especially in the warm weather since I use my arms for the Dexcom and sometimes for my Omnipod as well. Basically, I wear the devices where … Continue reading

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Time for a Change

…and not a site change 🙂 Let’s get the “bad” news out of the way quickly & not dwell on it: the BHE had a very serious heart attack this past weekend. He is young, exercises regularly, eats a fairly … Continue reading

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Featuring: Presets

I have been using a pump since 2006-ish and I have only used 1 pump – the Omnipod. It has been through a few upgrades, both to the PDM (personal diabetes manager — the meter & pump control) and to … Continue reading

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