Almost, but Not Quite

*with update
I often wear either my pump or CGM in visible places — especially in the warm weather since I use my arms for the Dexcom and sometimes for my Omnipod as well. Basically, I wear the devices where they work best for me and I don’t mind if people ask me about them.

This morning while waiting in line at the coffee shop a man asked me about my Dexcom transmitter on my arm. I did what I usually do – say that it is a continuous glucose monitor and then pause to see if that satisfies the person or if they are interested in knowing more. He was – asked a few questions about how it transmits data, what kind of information it offers and I tried to give upbeat answers about the transmission to the receiver (people are always impressed to see the graph), the helpfulness of getting trending info, and- yes, it is really cool.

I was feeling fine about the encounter and then as he was going to pay for his coffee and we were chatting about what we were going to get to eat, he looked back and sort of laughing said, “so, I guess you won’t be getting a muffin then, huh?”



Sometimes it just feels like too much to try to explain a part of diabetes management when all the assumptions, misconceptions, and thoughtlessness seems to be so much more pervasive than the education & advocacy efforts.

Later today, I read a fabulous blog post by @T1Runner (Steph Tomko) listing the “10 things you have wrong about diabetes.” I don’t have any way to send it to the stranger in the coffee shop but I encourage you to read it and pass it along to anyone you know who could use it. I especially appreciated #8 and #4 but the whole list is very well done. Regarding the cinnamon cure: “Why in the hell would I have two medical devices attached to my body if I could be cured with a spice sold at my grocery store”  And, on everyone’s favorite comment: “I DO look like a diabetic.”

I’m not going to stop answering people’s questions, and I will correct misinformation when the person seems receptive, but I could do without the snarky muffin comments.

*update 7/11: and it can be nice to know that it isn’t just me who gets annoyed. After reading this post the BHE said, “I wondered if you thought that guy was as big of an ass as I did.”

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