This Running Thing

RA5Kgroup0903This fall I signed up for a Beginner 5K group organized by my local runner’s shop. It seemed like a good way to get some exercise motivation a couple of times/week and try something new (running). It has been both easier and harder than I expected but overall I’m really glad I signed up and that I’m doing it. One night last week my blood sugars were not cooperating at all though. I am trying a few different strategies but the same strategy doesn’t seem to work two workouts in a row. This one particular night I had started off doing really well but about 1/3 of the way through the workout things went south and even after having some glucose tablets and a juice I just couldn’t get my body to do all of the running intervals. I walked a lot, one of the coaches dropped back at one point to check on me, and I just felt all-around lousy.

As I walked back to my house after practice, knowing that the BHE would want to know “how it went,” I had two conversations going in my head. My reactive brain and my rational brain had totally different takes…

Reactive Brain Rational Brain
It was awful! What made me think I could run a 5K when my bgs are crazy enough when just walking. And I should have not tried to run/walk as fast at the beginning… I thought I could tweak the insulin but it’s too hard, I never get it right. I feel like an idiot. My stomach is upset from all that sugar and the fast dropping bg and I’ll probably be over 300 in about an hour. I don’t know why I can’t get this right. I hate diabetes. Hate. It. I can’t believe how much I didn’t run. It was ok. I did the same things as the last practice but the bgs reacted totally differently. Not sure why. I may have started off a bit more ambitiously than I should have; need to think more about pacing with running than I do with walking. I wish I had tested with the meter sooner instead of hoping the CGM would level out. Having to eat that much sugar while running makes my stomach feel lousy. I think I can try better pacing next time and forcing myself to test earlier. So, not as good as some of the other practices, and I didn’t run at least 3 of the intervals, but I did finish.

I did go to the next practice, was surprised to find my bgs only at 140 (instead of the 180 where I’ve been trying to start) and a down arrow on the CGM so I kept my temp basal on longer, had a few glucose tablets, and did a much better job pacing my early intervals. BG kept dropping though and I had 11 glucose tablets and a juice before finally realizing that I didn’t think my CGM could be right. Tested and I was 229. Grrr. But, I ran every interval, felt much better than the time before, and learned (relearned?) the lesson to add CGM data to body data to see if I need to verify with a meter test. I hate to stop to test and it is hard to test and run, but I’m going to have to accept that and figure out a way to do it if I want to get better at this running thing.

And, that’s what it’s about. Not being perfect, getting better.

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