Immune System Fail

I know, duh! I have T1 diabetes so it is pretty obvious that I had an immune system fail. But truthfully, that fail doesn’t irritate me as much as subsequent ones. I have pneumonia. It is early September, has been running in the 80s – sunny and humid, and no one I know is sick. I have only ever had pneumonia once before and it was two years ago, late August, same-same.

Two years ago I was short of breath in a completely strange way to me. After a week or so I finally went to see my doctor. She couldn’t hear anything in my lungs but sent me off for a chest x-ray just to rule out pneumonia. Chest x-ray clear but my breathing still wasn’t easy so we moved on to two different types of inhaler. No help. Exhaustion was setting in and they sent me in for a CT scan with contrast dye trying to rule out a pulmonary embolism (no other symptoms of that but scary!). The phone call after that was “good news! you have pneumonia!” By then I had been dealing with it for over 3 weeks and I basically took antibiotics and slept for the next 3 weeks trying to get my energy back.

So, last weekend here we go with the shortness of breath again. I thought maybe it’s allergies? Gave it a few more days until the humidity broke but the breathing wasn’t any better, any maybe a bit worse. Went to doctor yesterday, couldn’t hear anything in lungs, but go get a chest x-ray and start on these antibiotics just in case. This morning the call to say that the chest x-ray is clear. This doesn’t make me feel any better. Breathing is a little worse today, a bit more coughing. Nurse will talk to the PA and I should get a call later.

I’m over that initial immune system fail. It’s beyond irritating — it changed my life in some very intrusive ways — but it happened and here we are. BUT, if I’m going to have an immune system that is such an overachiever that it killed off the beta cell function in my pancreas then shouldn’t it keep up that hard work and fight off things like summer pneumonia? Which is it immune system? Are you in or out?

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