Here We Go Again

(the continuing saga of finding an endocrinologist)

I had my first appointment with (yet another) a new endocrinologist this week. I feel like I have been looking for a new endo for about 7 years, since my first endo departed for Western Massachusetts – too far away for me to reasonably follow. Not actively looking, a lot of time spent treading water with the replacement endo. But, a lot of time *thinking* about looking, or at least being dissatisfied with the status quo. I’ve written a couple of posts about this here and here*.

This new endo is associated with a different hospital than the one I consider to be “mine” and I had some serious reservations about that – especially since this hospital has a not-great reputation in a couple of specific areas. But, I’m only going to end up in the hospital and needing an endo in an emergency situation so would be at “my” hospital anyway. Overall, I have only heard positive things about this practice though, and one of the endos I would have switched to in my old practice moved to this practice. The thing that pushed me over the edge was my nutritionist/CDE’s (a bit about her here) recommendation & assurance that one particular doc would likely be a good fit for me.

After a positive start (comfortable waiting room, efficient, friendly & professional office staff), my cautious optimism was boosted by the MA who managed to be friendly, competent, and quick. She even asked me about wearing a CGM since I hadn’t thought to give it to the front desk for downloading — they asked me about downloading my CGM! In the last practice, since all the changes in doctors and the chaos of temporary endos, they resisted downloading both my PDM (“we always have problems with the omnipod software”) and my CGM (something about the wrong cables, etc., etc.).

But, what about the endocrinologist? She entered the room with energy, a smile, and ready to talk with me about my concerns. She had reviewed my records sent over from the other practice, had seen my most recent lab results, and had my A1c result and printouts from both PDM and CGM. She explained her process & confirmed that it made sense and would work for me. We looked at the “big picture” in the downloads and then at the last week in detail, talking through patterns, my usual approach to hypo treatments (temp basals?), bolusing (extended? etc.), and my comfort level with some possible settings changes. She asked me questions and actually listened to my answers.

Maybe all of that sounds like what happens in a run-of-the-mill appointment but if so then you are very fortunate in your doctor. It has been years since I have experienced that much give and take in an endocrinology appointment.

It wasn’t “perfect” – but it was a great beginning. I feel like she is a professional I can work with and (hopefully) learn from and as a result, make some good tweaks to my diabetes management. For now I am going to try seeing her twice/year and seeing the CDE at this practice twice/year, so I will meet the CDE in January. That pattern worked very well for me back in the golden days of endo & CDE #1.

I’m encouraged. And that’s a much better feeling than how I have been leaving the endo office for a long time.

*I thought I had written about this topic more, but as usual I think about it so much I just feel like I have written about it. Bad blogger.

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