We diabetics are surrounded by numbers all the time. Current blood sugar, CGM reading, last A1c, number of carbs in lunch, number of servings in that bag of chips, weight, blood pressure, lipid panel, years since diagnosis, shots or boluses per day, TDD of insulin…

Today, I got to get two numbers I never have before: A bib number and a finish time for my first (another number!) 5K (they’re everywhere!).


34:28 (we didn’t take a picture of me next to the screen with my time so you’ll have to take my word for it. Set myself a goal of “under 50 minutes” so I’m feelin’ pretty good 🙂

Me! Waving (pink shorts)

At the start of the race. Me! Waving (pink shorts)


And the finish line: barely visible, pink shorts, sunglasses

Finish Line! I’m coming in to the left of friend Kate, barely visible, pink shorts, sunglasses




I have spent plenty of time wishing that I was able to run farther and faster, bemoaning the knee pain that has been plaguing me the last 4-5 weeks, and being very insecure about doing a 5K at all, but right now I’m just going to feel proud of myself for sticking with it, running the whole way, and coming in at a better time than I thought possible. I think I probably share those feelings with most of my Beginning 5K teammates. But, I’m also going to feel proud that I did all of that with diabetes — I did it with a blood sugar in the high 200s (what is up with that?? was worried about lows, not highs…); I did it carrying my PDM & Dexcom receiver, wearing a pod & sensor, carrying glucose tablets and juice; I did all those practices dealing with unpredictable blood sugars, explaining why I would carry so much stuff with me, cursing diabetes for slowing me down in so many ways; I did it while working full-time at my job and at caring for my own diabetes and our daughter’s diabetes.


What’s next?

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