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Crushing on the Bionic Pancreas

Yesterday we went to a diabetes gathering put on by the fairly new nonprofit Maine P-PODS (Facebook:¬† featuring Ed Damiano and Ryan Reed as speakers. The BHE gets major props for driving through a slushy snowstorm, entertaining the Bear through … Continue reading

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CGM Blues Redux

This should be shorter than the original post on this topic… The CDE said what I expected: You are the parents, you make these health decisions. Best thing is to be consistent & clear about what is non-negotiable. (paraphrase) Of … Continue reading

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CGM Blues

I have worn the Dexcom CGM for a few years – ever since the Navigator stopped being available in the States – and I know it makes a difference in my diabetes management. It can help me avoid some lows … Continue reading

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Diabetes Mind

Sometimes I feel like there is a part of my brain that is dedicated to Diabetes — thinking about random diabetes-related (even if only slightly) all the time, even while all the other parts of life are going on. Of … Continue reading

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