So Close (or T1 still seeking T1)

I have written before about being jealous about all the Friends for Life stories. Not because of Disney World (though, fun!), and certainly not because of Orlando in July (hot!) – but definitely because of kids meeting up with other kids who wear the same devices, count carbs, deal with the same daily issues, and are still kids. Diabetes camp, ditto. I wish that the Bear knew another T1 around her age who lived close enough for the possibility of an actual friendship.

I haven’t written about our recent introduction to a newly diagnosed little girl and family who lives in our town (!), is the same age as the Bear (!), and who were seeking a mentor family (!). Like so many things relating to diabetes, I was reluctant to let myself hope that this might turn into something good. But, as we got together a few times for lunch, a movie, the Ed Damiano talk, a play date – it was turning into something more real than fantasy. The two girls immediately liked each other – lots of giggling and asking to see each other more. All of us parents had a pretty easy rapport — they seemed glad of our experience and we were all relieved to talk with others who “get” it. Some of their great habits were so helpful to hear about.

This past weekend I finally felt ready to start to believe that this could be real.

I’m sure you can guess what comes next. At a play date, mom lets us know that even though they haven’t told the kids yet, they are being transferred. I almost started to cry. Not that we’ve gotten that close, and neither have the kids — even if we spend more time together between now & summer when they move, it’s not going to be like a best friend has moved away.

It’s the hope that I’m sad for. It’s the loss of the potential.

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