Let the Repair Begin

I know I’ve written on here about my running group (and here – one of my favorite posts ever), and also my frustration with various pains and injuries. Most recently (and longest lasting) is shin splints.

Digression: I realize now that I haven’t really written much about my running group or the pains & injuries 🙂 I guess I wrote a lot in my head. Just a quick catch-you-up: I love my running group! After our beginner 5K group did the race in Oct. 2014 – about half of the original group of 40 ran the race – some of us said we wanted to keep meeting and running. There are about 8 of us now and we have actually made it through the winter with a combination of outside & inside running. I got my knee pain resolved not long after that Oct. race but in November I started dealing with shin pain which I discovered was shin splints 😦  Went to a chiropractic place for a couple of months & while they were successful in treating the pain/symptoms I wasn’t making any progress to being able to run again.

OK. So, here we are in the present. I love this group of woman runners – I’m involved in the first exercise of my life that I actually look forward to. I’ve had a few months of struggling using the elliptical machine instead of running, running anyway and regretting it, and more recently going back to walk/run intervals (3 min run, 2 min walk). This is all better than when the shin splints were at their worst, but I still have pain and I know as soon as I try to run 3 miles again I’m going to be right back there.

So, I went to my primary care office last week & she gave me referrals to the “Three Ps: Podiatry, Physiatry, and Physical Therapy.” Basically she thinks it would be good to get an evaluation from those three & see what makes the most sense.  I’m cautiously hopeful… Glad she didn’t pull the “it hurts when you run? don’t run.”

By the time I’m wrapping up this post, I have actually seen 2 of the three – well, sort of. Not sure yet what will happen, but a plan is starting to evolve. Next time: Podiatry Orthopaedic Surgeon/Sports Medicine specialist.

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