You Say It’s Your Birthday

For your listening pleasure: The Beatles, Birthday Song (via YouTube)

Today is my birthday! I like birthdays – my own and other people’s. I don’t care about parties or presents but the idea of celebrating someone’s birth, their presence in our lives is just grand.

30-40-50-60-thirties-forties-fifties-old-birthday-ecardToday, I turn 44. 4 is my favorite number so this age is nice from that perspective. But, much nicer was waking up this morning in a wonderful life. The best hubby ever (BHE), a sweet (pun both intended and not intended) little girl, vacation next week, home in a wonderful town, good friends nearby, a job that I love and feel passionate about…

This year I’m also thinking about my health. I feel lucky – which may seem like a strange thing to say in a T1 diabetes blog. Today, I feel like I am healthier than I have been in my adult life. My diabetes is well-managed (mostly), I am exercising regularly, I lost the weight I needed to, my diet is reasonably healthy & balanced, and my emotional health is on a really even keel.

Sometimes I think I need these little celebration days to get my head up above the waterline that is the daily distractions, irritations, and real frustrations. I would like not to have T1 Diabetes and I would especially like my daughter not to have it, but we do and yet we still keep ourselves healthy. That’s a good thing.

So, happy birthday to me! And, here’s to many more healthy years!

[And an even better (IMHO) birthday song: Older, They Might Be Giants]


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2 Responses to You Say It’s Your Birthday

  1. Frank says:

    happy birthday! great to hear that you are feeling so great and healthy 🙂

  2. Happy belated birthday! Yay for good health!

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