Obligatory Catch-Up Post

I’ve been thinking a lot about stuff that seems perfect for blog posts, but then I never actually do the posts. So, that brings me to this point where I have to do the obligatory catch-up post where I explain why I haven’t posted since August 2016 and run down what has happened over those months. I promise, I’ll keep it brief.

The BHE has been job searching – no fun. BUT, it is amazing having him around more and able to take on some more of the random things including diabetes-related tasks with the Bear. Some of the potential work situations are far enough away that he would have to commute weekly (there during the week and home on most weekends), and I’m starting to pre-panic about dealing with everything myself all week.

The Bear came home from diabetes camp last summer willing to try belly pump sites (huzzah! a miracle!) and talking about how much fun she had, and writing letters to kids she met — a couple of months later she changed her tune, says she doesn’t want to go back, and that she was homesick. So, lots of parental conversation about whether to “make” her go in 2017, if it would be different if she knew a friend was also going, etc.

We all went to Family Diabetes Camp in October 2016! Our pediatric endo practice and a nearby nonprofit (P-PODS: Parents and Providers of Diabetic Children) partner up to offer a family camp experience over a weekend. There are all-together activities and then sessions just for parents to share ideas, feelings, make connections, etc. We met an awesome family with a girl about the same age as the Bear and they came for a visit in December. The whole experience was awesome. You can find P-PODS on Facebook and see a camp video there: https://www.facebook.com/MainePPODS/

While at family camp, the BHE’s father died. Not unexpected but still very difficult. Lots of family time followed and the BHE has been making sure he’s offering his mom support and keeping in touch. Busy being the sandwich generation.

On the Bear’s diaversary date, we got her new diagnosis of autoimmune hypothyroidism. I think maybe we’ll skip that day this year.

I almost completely fell off the running/exercise wagon over fall and early winter — lucky if I got out there once/week. Then I had the highest A1c I’ve had for years. Then I did a challenge through our local running store and had to run or walk outside for at least one mile every single day in January. I’m glad I did it, I’m glad the winter hasn’t been too bad here, I’m really glad January is over.

And, here we are. New Year. Mild winter, but still winter. I’m dealing with some diabetes burnout. Dealing with it in a good way or not remains to be seen. Maybe doing some blogging will help me feel less alone with it and force my attention to things that I can do that will be constructive. We’ll see.


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