Hello, running

Dear running,

What’s happened to us? Only a year ago we were so close. Yes, there were those two falls in April, but honestly, we were already in trouble before then. I have hung out on the bike a few times but that shouldn’t be coming between us. Diabetes has always been a challenge – but we’ve tackled that together. Running consistently, though it caused some instability at first, actually made my diabetes tamer overall. I loved how capable and strong you made my body feel – in contrast to how broken diabetes can make me feel sometimes. And even more so – I relished the head space I got when we were together.

Yet, here we are. I can barely look at my poor, neglected sneakers. I’m lucky if I get out with you once every two weeks. I know the new medication for the seizure disorder is sapping my energy and my motivation, and our family schedule has been hell lately, but making time for you would help me deal with the rest of it. I just want you to know that I’m trying to find my way back to you. I’ve gotten out for time with you twice this week and I hope you’ll have some patience as I get back into our relationship. I promise, I’ll keep trying – and maybe even buy us some new sneakers.

Love, Lesley

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