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Diabetes Summer Camp, take two

It’s been a tough week. Diabetes sleepaway camp starts today. The Bear went to Diabetes sleepaway camp for the first time last year. Something I’ve been looking forward to since she was diagnosed at age 3. A chance to be … Continue reading

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Obligatory Catch-Up Post

I’ve been thinking a lot about stuff that seems perfect for blog posts, but then I never actually do the posts. So, that brings me to this point where I have to do the obligatory catch-up post where I explain … Continue reading

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All Hail D-Camp

After years of hearing about the great experiences others (and others’ kids) have had at diabetes camp, we finally have some stories of our own. The Bear went away to Clara Barton camp for a week – first sleepaway experience, … Continue reading

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Diabetes Day Camp, Take 1

It has been an eventful week. Of course, “eventful” is useful in the same way as “interesting,” — it can represent many different shades of good, bad, and in-between. The Bear had her first week of diabetes camp. She’s only … Continue reading

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