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Bandwidth Adjustment

Let’s face it… I knew that this appointment at the endo’s office wasn’t going to be the best ever. My exercise routine went from 3 times/week to once every 2 weeks, I’ve been up a bunch of nights doing basal … Continue reading

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News Flash: Diabetes is Making Me Crazy

I know, not really a news flash! But, it is part of a larger story that is about a lesson I have to keep relearning. Sometimes, when a pattern of bg readings starts to emerge – whether for myself or … Continue reading

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Ch-ch-ch-changes (or, my dysfunctional relationship with food)

Day 4: Today let’s talk about changes, in one of two ways.  Either tell us what you’d most like to see change about diabetes, in any way.  This can be management tools, devices, medications, people’s perceptions, your own feelings – … Continue reading

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Stable bgs get left at home

Routine. Or, more accurately, the lack of it. My diabetes (of course, your diabetes may vary) is calmest when most of what is going on is the same as always. When I get about the same amount of sleep, exercise, … Continue reading

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