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Diaversary #16

Today’s the day. 16 years ago, I drove myself to the ER – extreme fatigue, weight loss, unrelenting thirst, no appetite, peeing every 15 minutes or so. Did I know that at least 2 of those symptoms pointed to? Of … Continue reading

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Trust & Medical Device Companies – Mutually Exclusive?

I should start this post with some disclaimers… I do work in customer service, and have done customer service training and audits – I take it pretty seriously. I know that the customer isn’t always right and consistency of service … Continue reading

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Bandwidth Adjustment

Let’s face it… I knew that this appointment at the endo’s office wasn’t going to be the best ever. My exercise routine went from 3 times/week to once every 2 weeks, I’ve been up a bunch of nights doing basal … Continue reading

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Just Try It (more food adventures)

What is it that is supposed to be the “hardest job you’ll ever love?” Peace Corps, right? Well, maybe the second hardest is getting a picky selective T1D kid to try new foods. I was not expecting to love this … Continue reading

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Just Between Us

I’m all for the message that kids and people with T1 Diabetes can do anything they want to. I certainly don’t want the Bear to let her diabetes stand in the way of anything and it would really push my … Continue reading

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Adventures in D-Parenting: Picky Eater Edition

I’m sure I’ve mentioned (read: complained) before that one of the things I find most challenging with managing the Bear’s diabetes is what a picky eater she is. Sometimes I feel like everything around food is a battle and it’s … Continue reading

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Real-Person Sick in Diabetes Land

There are lots of days that are mainly just normal. Despite the Bear’s ever-present pump and mostly*-present CGM sensor/receiver, diabetes stays in the background with school, homework, dance class, 2nd-grade drama, walking the dog, etc. occupying front and center. This … Continue reading

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