This blog is coming from the tiny coastline of New Hampshire (really, look it up — we only have something like 18 miles of coast!). Definitely not medical or parenting advice (definitely not!), just the ongoing “stuff” in the life of a T1 mom and her T1 daughter. Uncertainty is the principle that is most certain in our lives – maybe in yours too!

Cast of Characters:
Lesley — the mom in this story, diagnosed with T1 at age 29 (though docs think it started much earlier); very happily married (second time around) to
BHE — best husband ever, otherwise known as Adam, very supportive and helpful, AND puts up with test strips everywhere. (He recorded a video for DiabetesMine when they did a mini project about partners for Valentine’s Day http://www.diabetesmine.com/2013/02/loving-d-spouses-say-happy-valentines-day.html — his part comes on at about 1:50.  Thanks sweetie!
The Bear — our beautiful, mouthy daughter, diagnosed in 2010 about a month after her third birthday. She is on a pump and helps me remember whether it is her turn or my turn to do a site change.
T1 Diabetes — Chronic disease in which the body’s immune system kills off the pancreatic cells that produce insulin. [really, I just don’t think I could describe this “character” and do it justice… I’ll let it develop and be revealed over time]


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  1. Ryan from DiabetesDailyGrind says:

    Just stumbled into your blog via Twitter! Totally relate to your recent diabetes cause of the craziness post. I too tend to cover up, instead of digging deep, with the temp basals, extra eating, and more exercise. Usually takes me months to figure out the trend that I’ve been seeing daily! I’m taking your post as a challenge to be more diligent!

    Anyways, thought I’d send you a fun opportunity to explore. DiabetesDailyGrind’s mission is to provide real support for the diabetes life. Real advice, about real life. As the editor, I’m looking to expand our base of people who contribute content to the site. We think your message would resonate well with our audience, especially those folks with diabetes who want to hear about diabetes parenting or the running management.

    To check out what we’ve written, plus the post submission process, here’s the link: http://www.diabetesdailygrind.com/write-for-the-ddg/

    Our goal is to push a real support message to the masses, and help spread your message too! We’d list all of your contact information right next to the post.

    Could be good for us both!

    Ryan Fightmaster
    Chief Editor

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